Car Servicing and General Maintenance

Our Car service includes all services related to your car: from quick tire changes to complete car repairs. So that you can find your way around quickly, we have divided our car services into clear categories:

Guarantee driving safety:

In the driving safety area you will find everything to do with the subject of chassis and steering, including tie rod and tie rod end. If you would like to have your shock absorbers changed, you’ve come to the right place. Brakes are also of fundamental importance in the area of ​​driving safety. Your car needs new brake pads or the generator (alternator) is no longer working? We’ll take care of it in the workshop.

Check the exhaust system:

The check of the exhaust system is part of the statutory general inspection and is usually part of the regular inspection recommended by the vehicle manufacturer . Do you discover a defect in the exhaust between these appointments? Of course, you can also rely on us as your car service partner. By the way: When it comes to the exhaust system, we not only provide you with information about the exhaust itself, but also about all integrated components such as catalytic converters, soot and particle filters for exhaust gas cleaning.

Repairing car windows:

With us, the repair and replacement of windows is in the hands of professionals. Benefit from attractively priced offers and individual advice. We will also clarify whether and when your insurance company will cover the costs for this car service.

Checking and repairing vehicle electrics:

Engine control, driver assistance systems and anti-lock braking systems – the subject of automotive electrics is particularly important to us. This is often the main cause of vehicle breakdowns.
Inspection: In order for your vehicle to function properly and retain its value, car manufacturers recommend regular inspections within certain maintenance intervals. You should therefore have your vehicle thoroughly checked from time to time. We offers you competent maintenance and testing services as a car service.

Good to know:

The inspection has nothing to do with the general inspection and emissions inspection. The road safety of vehicles is put to the test as required by law. Vehicle manufacturers recommend this inspection so that you can enjoy your car for a long time.

Professional tire service :

Whether in winter or summer – benefit from our services for your tires. In addition to the semi-annual tire change, we offer additional services such as tire balancing, wheel alignment, wheel alignment, tire repairs and wheel washing. In addition, we can store your car tires on request or dispose of them properly.

Everything to do with the engine – from changing the oil to changing the timing belt :

If you have the oil change carried out regularly, you not only extend the service life of the engine. They also use less fuel when driving. A correctly tensioned timing belt is also important to avoid engine damage.

Charge or change the car battery:

Problems with the starter battery are a common cause of breakdowns. Our workshops take care of the professional replacement of your car battery or the charging for you.

Changing the clutch :

If the clutch slips, slips or jams, it’s time to visit the workshop. Our experts will advise you whether a clutch change is necessary.

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