Emergency Car Breakdown Service

Does your car not start or does the engine stutter while driving? Whether V-belt tear, engine damage or cable break, we are happy to help – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We want you to be able to move on as quickly as possible. We can usually fix breakdowns on site. But even if you call us directly as a breakdown service in Newcastle, the necessary repairs sometimes unfortunately cannot be carried out directly on site. In this case, we will be happy to tow your vehicle to the workshop of your choice or to a location of your choice. We advise and mediate transparently and fairly at all times.

Got stuck on the side of the road? It can hit any driver. An accident or a breakdown in the middle of the day. No matter whether you are on the way to or from work, shopping or just want to pick up the children. We will help you quickly, competently and reliably in these annoying situations. Good advice is usually expensive these days. Do you have a breakdown and don’t know what to do next? Don’t panic ! Just give us a call – we will explain to you step by step directly on the phone how to proceed and make sure that you are mobile again as quickly as possible.

In Newcastle, you can get quick and professional help at any time with our breakdown service . Our highly trained and experienced service staff usually have the required tools and spare parts with them. Regardless of whether your breakdown or accident occurs during the day or in the middle of the night. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a weekday or a weekend. We are always there for you. Is the tank empty, the battery defective or your car has other technical defects? We offer you qualified breakdown assistance.

The most common causes of breakdowns :

  • An empty or defective battery was not replaced in time
  • Problems with the engine
  • Defects in the steering, brakes, chassis or the drive train

Modern engines are actually very robust. Nevertheless, they should be serviced regularly. Make sure you have regular oil changes. Sufficient cooling water should also always be available. A third of all car breakdowns are due to an empty battery. Drivers often forget to turn off the lights, which then drains the battery. Flat tires are also common. Make sure that you are always driving with the correct tire pressure and avoid contact with the curb.

Call us and our specially trained breakdown helpers will come to you right away.

Call For Emergency Car Breakdown Service On 0432 553 905
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