Radiator Coolant Leak Repairs

A vehicle’s cooling system ensures that the internal combustion engine does not overheat during operation. Modern cars are cooled across the board with a mixture of water and antifreeze and anti-corrosion agents. A timely radiator repair will reduce the running costs of your car and increase safety. Even with a constant supply of coolant, if the car radiator is broken, engine damage – and thus the additional high costs – cannot be avoided with certainty. The highly qualified specialists in a specialist workshop check the cooler safely and reliably.

When is a radiator repair necessary?

A radiator repair is necessary if an unusually high cooling water temperature occurs over a long period of time. But that alone is not yet clear evidence to conclude that a radiator is in need of repair. Too many other factors, such as dirt in the radiator or the outside temperature, play a role here. A far more informative sign of damage is the unusually high consumption of the coolant. With the cooler, this is simply the case when it leaks.

Radiator repair in the workshop

First, the cooler is carefully checked. If the inspection reveals that the damage is only minor, a radiator sealant is used to close the damaged area. Mechanical sealing by soldering or welding is also possible in the event of slight damage.

The radiator repair is only possible with small and obvious defects. To do this, the damage must first be precisely localized. If the damage is extensive or if its extent cannot be fully assessed, it is often cheaper to completely change the cooler. The reason lies in the amount of work involved in repairing a radiator. In many cases, the cost of the work is the same as the cost of the material. If you go to the workshop with your car to repair the radiator, in most cases the entire radiator will be replaced with a new part.

Great care must also be taken when repairing and replacing the radiator. Because the cooling system is under considerable pressure. The water used to cool the engine contains chemicals and can reach extremely high temperatures. Therefore, the pressure of the cooling system should be carefully released through the radiator cap before work can be started. It is therefore advisable to always consult a specialist to have the car radiator repaired.

In addition, the type of coolant used should be taken into account when repairing the radiator. After the repair, the liquid is replenished to the optimum level. If the new coolant does not exactly meet the manufacturer’s requirements, it cannot perform its task optimally. A defective cooling performance is the result and can result in significant engine damage. Replacing the coolant is included in the service in the workshop.

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