Blue Slip Safety Checks

Blue Slip or Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection report is a letter which you need to get from a Mechanic which states that an Unregistered Vehicle is safe as well as meets the design and identity standards. The purpose of Blue Slip is to state that the Vehicle is roadworthy and safe. All the unregistered vehicles need to get a Blue Slip inspection which includes various tests before proceeding for the registration. Our team at A to Z Automotive Services can assist you with Blue Slip Services in Newcastle.

Blue slips inspection covers checking the Vehicle identity and to ensure that the Vehicle parts are not stolen It also checks whether the Car meets Manufacturer’s standards. Along with this, it also involves checking the checking the car’s parts such as Brakes, Seatbelts, suspensions, fluids, lights, tyres, etc. It also checks if there are any leaks. Blue Slips inspection are more thorough, rigorous and detailed.

To get a Blue Slip completed you will need Proof of your Identity or Driver’s licence. Along with that you need Proof of Ownership/Proof that you bought the Car such as Certification of Registration or a Bill form the dealer or Notice of disposal from previous Car owner.

If you Car’s registration has expired for more than 3 months, you must get a Blue Slip Inspection done. If your Car has No number plate or previously written off then you can visit A to Z Automotive Services and get your Blue Slip inspection done. If there are any major changes in Car parts like Engine or you need to a Defect notice cleared, you can get a Blue Slip inspection done at our Car Garage in Newcastle.

Once the Blue slip inspection is done, you must register your Car before 42 days as the Blue Slip validity will no longer be valid after 42 days. Even after 42 days you haven’t done the Car registration, then you need to get another Blue Slip inspection done.

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