Car Scratch Repairs

Scratches in the car paint are annoying, but they can hardly be avoided in everyday life. Scratches occur when small stones hit the front of the car or a marten leaves its mark on the hood on its way into the engine compartment.

Some Car scratches cannot be removed or treated manually, you need a professional Mechanic to work on it. We help to remove the scratch from the car body as well as scratches on the rims, headlights, door handles, fuel filler caps, etc.

How we remove the Car scratches:

At A to Z Automotive Services, we clean the car surface with pressure washer first to get rid of coarse dirt. We clean the affected area thoroughly from dirt and dust, for example with warm water and washing-up liquid, and then rub it dry with car leather. This is important so that the polish can work properly later. Treat the scratch over a large area by applying the polish with the enclosed polishing cloths and rubbing in with circular movements. We thoroughly clean and degrease the scratched area. This contains microscopic abrasive particles that remove the scratch.

In the case of deep scratches, we apply a filling compound evenly to the pre-sanded areas and dry them with infrared lamps. We sand the dry mass with sandpaper of different coarse and fine grains in order to bring the damaged part back into shape. After cleaning and degreasing again, we apply the so-called filler. This removes the last unevenness and ensures optimal coverage of the paint. After another grinding and cleaning process, we prepare the damaged area for painting. Our specialists read out the exact color code of the car beforehand and mix it with their own color mixing program and special scales. We then apply the basecoat in several layers to achieve optimal coverage. The paint has to dry in between.  Finally, we apply several layers of clear lacquer. This serves to protect the basecoat and gives the surface the desired gloss.

How to protect your Car from scratches?

No matter how careful you are: scratches happen. Your car is only really safe in the closed garage. Nevertheless, you can protect your car with just a few measures. It is also advisable to clean the car regularly to prevent damage to the paintwork.

Wall protection: If the garage is very tight or if your parking space is close to the house wall or fence, you can attach a protective strip there to prevent the worst. Our Mechanics will help you apply a protective Car film to your car body.

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