Roadside Assistance

We provide Roadside Assistance in Newcastle to take care of mishaps like flat batteries and locked-in keys. In the unlikely event that you experience any difficulties, we’ll get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Tyre assistance

We will replace a flat or damaged tyre with the spare or provide a tow to the nearest service facility (replacement tyre costs are an additional charge unless you have also purchased a package with zero excess reduction on vehicle and tyre damage).

Lock out Service

We’ll help you gain entry when keys are locked inside the vehicle.

Flat battery

If your vehicle experiences battery failure, we will give you a jump start.

Fuel delivery

If you run out of fuel, we will deliver fuel to your location to get you on your way (fuel charges will apply).

What if I have an accident?

Call our breakdown assistance number 0432 553 905. Remember not to leave the vehicle without making sure it is secure. If necessary, immediately contact the police in case of third party liability and/or the emergency services if anyone is injured.

Call For Roadside Assistance On 0432 553 905
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